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Stop And Smell The Cherry Chapstick!

Ok, I have to admit, some days I wake up and completely just dread the day to come!!! Judge me if you will, but if you knew how some of...

Seeing The World In A Different Way

I want to take the next two posts and tell you about each one of our boys. The day we brought Camden, our oldest son, home was a dream...

Mother's Day Is A Little Different

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it made me think of how much it has changed for me through the years. When I was young I only ever dreamed...

My Babies Were Born Addicts

Since this quarantine has started, I have a lot of time to sit and think. I have been thinking about the days when we brought our boys...

End The Stigma

The subject of Mental Health has always been a touchy subject in my life. Looking back I can remember suffering very early on in my life....

My Baby Sister Is A Nurse

We take a break from our usually scheduled craziness, that is my life, to bring you another side of my life. We will continue with my...

Now What Do We Do?

It was actually almost seven years ago that we found out that we would not be able to have biological children. That we would have to...

Let’s Go Back In Time

When I stop and look back at our marriage, I realize things have always seemed to be a battle. Not just your normal marital battles but,...

Just Let Me Introduce Myself

I think that this one is always the hardest to write because you just don’t know what to say about yourself. So let me just tell you a...

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