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Just Keep On Scrollin!!!

This world! This world can be very lonely for anyone these days. Add that in with a child or children that can't go out much, can't play with others. Your days revolve around doctor appointments, therapy, school meetings, and mountains of paperwork. It can be maddening.

All you want is for someone, anyone, to understand just a small part of what you might be feeling. You may be lucky enough to have family close by, but they don't feel your everyday struggle. So what is left to do? You turn to the place everyone turns these days for love and support, social media support groups.

You join all the mommy groups you can find and all the special needs support groups you can find looking for anyone and everyone who may be like you, feel like you. You want to know that everything is normal. Everything your child is going through, everything you are feeling and if you are doing everything right.

You start to get a couple of answers to some easy questions but then it comes! You talk about how you feel and some hurtful woman has to jump in and make you feel even worse about yourself! I have seen this far too often in almost every group I am a part of. There is always that person who can't just scroll on by and leave well enough alone!

But my question is, does she really realize how she can make someone feel? Someone came forward with an honest question that they truly may not know. Her comments just make that person feel worse! Not everyone knows how to navigate this lifestyle and the only way to know is to ask!

My biggest problem is, depression and anxiety are very common among caregivers and parents. Do you think by being hurtful just because you don't agree with the person or giving an opinion that wasn't asked for is really the best way to handle that? It causes you to fall back into yourself. To never reach out again. Start to look at it from this point of view!

Remember every child going through any of this is different!! That means parenting will be different!! As long as the child is not being hurt, keep your hurtful ness to yourself and just keep scrolling! You could really be making a situation worse behind the scenes.

We are all going through this together, we need to be there for each other and be able to count on one another. It only takes a minute to be kind, EVEN IF YOU DON'T AGREE!!

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