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Just Let Me Introduce Myself

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I think that this one is always the hardest to write because you just don’t know what to say about yourself. So let me just tell you a little story to try and sum it all up.

The man of my dreams had asked me to marry him 18 years ago on Valentine’s Day. We got married shortly after and knew we wanted kids right away. We began to try with no success. After being diagnosed with PCOS we kept up the fertility process for 12 years. I was then diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis.

We made the decision to adopt. We have two beautiful boys. Both of our boys were born to drug addicted women. This has lead to both boys having special needs.

Just in case that’s not enough, I deal with more than one chronic illness and autoimmune disease along with depression and anxiety of my own. To say the least, on most days, things are a shit show at my house! Along with the toddler age we have the special needs of both boys. We have two biracial boys being raised by white parents(yes people stare) and our 5 year old is beginning to ask questions about adoption.

There is constant chaos in our house but there is also a lot of love, unconditional love. I hope you follow along with me on this journey. You may just feel not so alone!


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