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My Baby Sister Is A Nurse

We take a break from our usually scheduled craziness, that is my life, to bring you another side of my life. We will continue with my mess in the future! I was twelve years old when my baby sister was born. Growing up, I was someone who took care of her and watched out for her. Life took us in different directions, and I moved ten hours away. We talked now and then but being so far apart in age we never had much in common.

Now she is older and living her life and that has changed! She lives in Chicago and I in North Carolina and I talk to her on a regular basis. She comes to visit and loves being an Aunt to our boys. The problem is, I still feel the need to protect her. You see, My baby sister is a nurse! She is a nurse in a hospital in the heart of Chicago. Now on any normal given day that can be scary enough with the amount of crime in the city. But now, now I can't even begin to explain how I feel.

Don't get me wrong, she is doing what she loves and what she was called to do. I have no doubt in my mind about this. But I live with fear. I pace my floor at night and pray for her. Pray for her safety in all of this mess. I pray for her health, physical, mental, and emotional well being. As they say, Chicago could be one of the next Hot Spots for this horrible virus. All I can do is pray.

I pray she stays healthy, I pray she can handle the things that she is going to see, I pray that she can stay mentally strong. I want to somehow protect her and I can't! I spend many nights crying for her because she would never let me cry with her. I spend many nights awake, like I would with my own child, wondering if she was exposed that day.

But then I think just how proud I am of her. She is out there saving lives. This is what she trained for, This is what she lives for, this is why she is so amazing at being a nurse. I am more proud of her than I could ever imagine.

If I could ask one thing is that everyone remember all of those workers that are still out there putting themselves in harms way to help your loved ones or you. They are someone's sister, daughter, mother, aunt, father, son, brother, uncle, etc. Someone is up late at night praying and crying for them. Someone is missing them.

My sister's 30th birthday is April 1st. I know more than anything, she would love to be at the bar having a Moscow Mule with her friends, but instead, I am sure she will be at the hospital taking care of the sick and hurting for long hours. As always, I will be here worried about her sending up prayers that she makes it home safely and is able to stay healthy herself. But every day I will be so proud, because My Baby Sister Is A Nurse!

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