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Seeing The World In A Different Way

I want to take the next two posts and tell you about each one of our boys. The day we brought Camden, our oldest son, home was a dream come true for Shay and I. We were over the moon excited. He was 3 weeks old and the cutest baby I had ever seen. Okay I could be a little biased. We had no idea what to expect as new parents.

He was growing so fast. He seemed to hit most of his milestones early. He started getting his teeth early, he walked at 10 months, etc. The only thing that was a little off was a slight speech delay but that did not last long!

As he continues to grow, Shay and I noticed that he is not a big fan of playing with toys. He just does not care much for them. He always wants someone to play with him. He craves human interaction. He has always had a very hard time playing by himself. But he loves to color and draw. He will sit and draw pictures but, the best part, he will have some elaborate story to go with whatever scribbles he puts on the paper. He has an imagination that great novels or comics are made of. He will create things out of playdough or clay and act out some sort of skit with his little characters. This is how playwrights are born. We sit and watch him build his blocks and watch his imagination run wild. He builds towers and rockets that he says will fly him to outer space.

As Camden is getting older we notice that he sees the world a little different than most. He will talk to anyone! That child does not meet a stranger (Not too good for my momma nerves). But I love that he sees everyone the same. He will also try almost anything at least once. He does not seem to have much of a sense of fear when it comes to certain things. I actually envy that in him. He has an amazing love for animals. He has no fear of any animal. He asks to pet every dog that we come across. He would bring in every animal and bug into our home if I would allow. He has never been a child to pick up on differences in people or he has never cared. Another trait I also envy. I wish all humans could be like this. He was never one to point things out in the store or tell you to look at that about someone. I truly think he sees everyone the same. He is almost 6 years old and most kids his age and in his situation would have asked by now why they look different than us. But he has never brought it up. I know some day he will but I would also love to think that it just won't matter to him.

Many times I am focused on what is stressful or frustrating about my boys illnesses, the struggles that we go through. But I realize that there are more good parts. Sometimes they are just so hard to remember in all of the chaos. Camden is so smart and makes us laugh by doing math problems at the dinner table. Those little things always are a light in our day. Our days are full of chaos and it can be good and it can sometimes be bad. But my boys are beautiful, inside and out. And Camden just sees the world a tiny bit different and we will cherish that.

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